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Gayle + Free hit = bad combination!!!

My heart mourns for Dinda…. Poor guy…. But with Gayle batting like that, you really cant do anything…

Dinda Vs Gayle_Final - Copy


Placement Process GD

My observations during GDs…Placement GD

An innocent joke….


Caution: Don’t try this in Kolkata… Didi won’t be too amused… ­čśŤ


Attack on freedom of speech

The recent events when two girls were arrested for making a harmless “comment” on┬áFacebook┬áreminded me of the infamous cheerharan of Draupadi. This time, it was the cheeraharan of our democracy: stripped of its freedom of speech.


In Mahabharat, Krishna was there to save Draupadi. Who will stop this cheerharan of democracy is still an unanswered question.

Dear Digvijay Singh… Strikes again

This time, Digvijay Singh tweeted Bal Thackeray dead when he was admitted to hospital on Tuesday. On knowing the facts, he retracted and apologized.

But this was enough for us to come up with a cartoon for our old friend Diggy….

Painting in photoshop

Tried something new today… Painting in photoshop.

Stage 1 was preparing a line sketch. It was done on paper and scanned onto the laptop. Stage 2 was to add colors using photoshop. In the third stage, added a nice background… and we are ready with my first all color sketch ­čÖé

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