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Robert Vadra vs Sharad Pawar….

Three cheers for… Damad Ji…


Why Mayawati should never become our PM….

Although I would like the Statue of Liberty in India, but this would really be too much…

Why Mayawati should never become our PM….

I still like the good old tiger as our National animal…. 😦

Rachit vs Summers

<Long Sigh….>…..

After 5 grueling days of the dual between myself and summer placement process, here’s the result….As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Superhero in pain

Ever thought about all the machoism of the superheroes? I mean do they ever experience pain- physical or emotional? Not much I would say- after all they are Superheroes.

I think the limitations posed to the artists by their masks also contributes to this “Lack of pain”.

So, here I am with a new sketch: Batman in pain.

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