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Placement Process GD

My observations during GDs…Placement GD




Wanted to post this since the first day I heard the name “Manfest”…. Hats off to the dude who came up with this name… 😛

Revenge of the backbencher Part 2

Revenge of the Backbencher part 1

Revenge of the backbencher

Sketches for charity part 2

Second sketch for the same purpose….

Sketches for charity part 1

For the first time in my life, I drew a religious sketch. Being a part of an SBN assignment at college, this was sold at Lucknow mall and the proceedings went to an old age home



True Story….

Rachit vs Summers

<Long Sigh….>…..

After 5 grueling days of the dual between myself and summer placement process, here’s the result….As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Globe at my college

I was ROFL after hearing this sentence from one of our teacher at my college “Technology: Dehelps in putting people apart”
Such a sentence is classified as a “Globe” in my college terminology. Globe is formally defined as:
“A piece of information derived and finely chiseled by the use of heavy sounding multisyllabic words, the mere presence of which gives the sentence an appearance of intellect but actually leaving it with very little juice i.e., very less content of information per unit space”

And yes, MyLord, I hereby plead guilty of “Globing” myself.

I hope you enjoy the first thing that came to my mind after hearing the aforementioned sentence…

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