Gayle + Free hit = bad combination!!!

My heart mourns for Dinda…. Poor guy…. But with Gayle batting like that, you really cant do anything…

Dinda Vs Gayle_Final - Copy


Placement Process GD

My observations during GDs…Placement GD

An innocent joke….


Caution: Don’t try this in Kolkata… Didi won’t be too amused… 😛




Wanted to post this since the first day I heard the name “Manfest”…. Hats off to the dude who came up with this name… 😛

Attack on freedom of speech

The recent events when two girls were arrested for making a harmless “comment” on Facebook reminded me of the infamous cheerharan of Draupadi. This time, it was the cheeraharan of our democracy: stripped of its freedom of speech.


In Mahabharat, Krishna was there to save Draupadi. Who will stop this cheerharan of democracy is still an unanswered question.

Dear Digvijay Singh… Strikes again

This time, Digvijay Singh tweeted Bal Thackeray dead when he was admitted to hospital on Tuesday. On knowing the facts, he retracted and apologized.

But this was enough for us to come up with a cartoon for our old friend Diggy….

The new superhero

Created a new superhero for a competition at MICA…. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting before you…. The CigBuster….

Details of the superhero

Name: CigBuster

Age: 45 years

Profession: Chemical Scientist

Height: 6 feet. Weight: 75 kgs.

Costume: A hat, a grey colour overcoat inside which he keeps his stack of chemicals, a thick bracelet on his right hand, which is actually a sophisticated mini chemical analyzer and mixer developed by him and thick brown coloured boots. His face is seldom seen in light and its right side is covered by a brass plate-like mask to hide his scars.

How the story started:

It was 09th Oct 2012. Professor Ramesh was very happy; he was on the verge of a big discovery after working on a secret project for 15 long years. Little did he know that this happiness is going to be a short-lived one…

On his request, the lab contained just him and an assistant: Raj. Raj was a hard working, easy going chap. But he had a problem: He was a chain smoker. He used to go to the basement whenever he had to smoke. That day also, he went to the basement for a smoke, oblivious to the consequences of this seemingly insignificant habit.

While he was smoking, he received a call from an angry Prof Ramesh who needed him inside the lab immediately. Morbidly afraid of the professor, Raj hurriedly threw off the bud and rushed to the lab.

That small bud rolled towards a pile of waste material soaked with all kinds of chemicals that immediately caught fire. Before anybody could notice, the whole building was on fire. Sensing the danger, professor began to run but in all the commotion he fell on the rack where he had kept his latest designed chemicals.

By the time fire brigade arrived on the scene, there was hardly anything left to save.

It was indeed a miracle that professor survived: but he wasn’t the same person anymore. As an effect of some mysterious chemical reactions and fire, he was mutated into something different: something that could not be classified as human….

The after-effects of the accidents

When professor regained his conscience, he had lost everything: His years of hard work, his research and his handsome face. And this was all because of what? A cigarette!!!

This was the day when a professor died but a super hero was born: CigBuster. And along with him was born a motive: To free the world of tobacco and cigarette addiction.

The mysterious super powers

After the accident, the molecular balance of the Professor’s body atoms was altered. He got the ability of duplicating his molecules and producing clones from his body. He could also make them change their shapes to any living creature.

The weakness

Because of the molecular instability of the clones, they were unable to survive beyond 10 minutes. Professor could produce these clones in only a limited quantity. Stretching himself beyond a limit could make him weak and could also kill him.

The crusade against smoking

CigBuster combines his amazing cloning and transfiguration ability with his knowledge of chemicals to show the smokers an alternate version of their future.

As the clones can take any shape they wish, CigBuster makes them take the shape of the target. Then he releases some chemicals in the atmosphere that makes the target dizzy and confused. Under that state of confusion, the target mistakes the whole sequence for a dream like state and when he sees the clones (who look exactly like him); he thinks he is seeing his future. When the clones cough and spit blood, the target understands the final effect of his smoking: the thing he has always ignored. His eyes become moist and a new resolve is born: Quit smoking.

Battle with Ballar Shah

Ballar Shah was the owner of the biggest cigarette factory in Rajapur. He was about to open a new factory. To get the permissions, he seeked special “blessings” of the state CM.

On learning his plot, CigBuster vowed to deter his plans to destroy young lives under his net of tobacco. For that, he needed to tackle the CM first.

CigBuster decided to confront the CM during his morning walk in his residential garden when the CM was all alone.

Getting past the guards silently was easy, thanks to his knowledge of chemicals. On coming close to the CM, he let out two clones: identical to the CM’s 9-yrs twins. The clones started smoking and coughing violently.

When the CM saw them, he thought his own sons were smoking. Furious, he snatched the cigarettes from their hands and started shouting on them. On hearing this, one clone asked “Dad, if cigarette smoking is so bad then why did you allow Ballar Shah to open a factory in our city?” Saying this, the clones disappeared, but left the CM in tears.

Story after six months

Thanks to the vigorous effort of our hero, the city saw a drastic reduction in cigarette demand. On facing opposition from the locals and the CM, Ballar Shah had to close down his cigarette factory. It was estimated that the number of cancer related deaths will fall down by 20% in next few years due to this initiative. But the job was not finished. CigBuster had won the fight but the battle was against much bigger players on a national level. He was last seen preparing a task force of young volunteers who would join him in his next fight in some different city.

Robert Vadra vs Sharad Pawar….

Three cheers for… Damad Ji…

Painting in photoshop

Tried something new today… Painting in photoshop.

Stage 1 was preparing a line sketch. It was done on paper and scanned onto the laptop. Stage 2 was to add colors using photoshop. In the third stage, added a nice background… and we are ready with my first all color sketch 🙂

Revenge of the backbencher Part 2

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